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Jacking, load-out and transportation of two bridge sections, Belgium


ALE has jacked-up, loaded-out, transported and installed two bridge sections, weighing 345t each, for the Albert Canal in Belgium.


Services Required

The project was executed in different phases, with each bridge section moved separately. The first phase involved ALE transportation of the first bridge section from the fabrication yard in Balen to the construction yard at the Albert Channel in Zolder, Belgium. Prior to this, a detailed route survey was carried out to ensure the route was clear of obstructions and the necessary arrangements were made on the public roads.

The bridge section was then transported from Balen to Zolder using 24 axle lines of SPMT and a barge. During the load-out at the fabrication yard, the barge was positioned parallel to the load-out quay because of the canal’s limited width. Eight 12m Ro-Ro ramps were utilised to create sufficient area to make the 90 degrees turn with the Bridge while driving onto the barge.

The bridge section, loaded onto a 66m x 15m barge, then was jacked-down 1,800mm using four 150t climbing jacks in order to pass under the low, existing bridges. The barge then sailed along the Dessel Kwaadmechelen Canal and then the Albert Canal.

Once arrived at the construction yard, the bridge section was jacked-up at during night-time hours to optimise the restricted timeframe of the project. ALE then loaded-in of the bridge section on to the construction site quay, using 12m Ro-Ro ramps to achieve sufficient ground bearing pressure and distance from the quay edge.

At the construction yard, the bridge section was jacked up to approximately 2,500mm to achieve the required assembly height and slope. The remaining SPMTs, barge and tug was returned to Balen to prepare for the transportation of the second bridge section. The second bridge section was delivered to the construction yard at the Albert Canal using the same method and techniques.

Total duration of the project took five days.

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  • Jacking, load-out and transportation of two bridge sections, Belgium

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