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Jacking, skidding and transportation of a yacht, Netherlands


ALE has performed the jacking, skidding and transportation of a yacht, weighing 200t, in Gendt, the Netherlands.


Services Required

ALE had minimal time to prepare for the operation and the majority of the preparations took place in the two days prior to the execution.

The clearance level in the assembly building was minimal, with 5cm between the ship and the roof, so ALE had to design a solution that would lift the ship only a few centimetres from the ground.

ALE used hydraulic jacks integrated with skid beams to lift the yacht, including its saddles, onto the skid beams. ALE then skidded the yacht, measuring 9m high, 30m long and 7m wide, a total of 40m.

Once out of the building, the yacht was jacked-up 1.5m with climbing jacks, each with 100t capacity, and the skidding system was removed.

Next, ALE installed 12 axle lines of SPMT underneath the yacht and transported it to the quay side, where the client, Dior Heavylift, lifted it using a shear leg.

ALE completed the operation in three days.

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  • Jacking, skidding and transportation of a yacht, Netherlands

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