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Lift and heavy transport of HRSG’s , UK

Over a 9 month period ALE transported and installed over 50 HRSG’s for the CCGT project at Pembroke. ALE used the AK912-1 1,200Te capacity crane and SPMT’s for the transportation on site.

ALE were also responsible for erecting the steelwork for the boilers which was completed using the CC2800-1 and a 100te telescopic crane.

Due to the design of the AK912-1 minimal ground loadings were imposed and the HRSG’s could be installed from a fixed position between two boilers and able to install HRSG’s to both boilers without relocating thus keeping time and ground works to a minimum.

When the AK912-1 needed to be relocated to another set of boilers it was transported fully rigged by SPMTs, saving time on de-rigging and re-rigging the crane.

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  • Lift and heavy transport of HRSG’s , UK

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