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Lifting of an oven, Mexico


ALE has completed the lifting of an oven, weighing 500t, in a glass bottle factory in Mexico.


Services Required

The oven was to be lifted a total of 450mm so that 400mm stools could be inserted to support the oven.

Prior to the lift, all the oven’s components were disconnected. Several reflective reference markers were then set around the oven and these were monitored by a total station survey during the operation to ensure the oven was lifted in the correct position.

ALE analysed the oven’s concrete beams and found they were not strong enough to support the lifting operation without reinforcement. This meant the lift had to be performed by using the basement foundation for support instead, which was 6.3m high.

Based on the dimensions of the oven, ALE decided to use two hydraulic gantries to lift it: the 400t capacity Lift ‘N’ Lock system and a 500t capacity power tower.

Four gantry legs were installed under the oven. As the oven’s support beams were on different levels, the lifting of the oven had to be synchronised across the various heights.

The oven was lifted in nine stages, 50mm at a time, until it reached 450mm and the stools were inserted underneath the oven.

ALE completed the operation in six days.

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  • Lifting of an oven, Mexico

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