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Load-in and transportation of light rail vehicles, Australia


ALE has completed the load-in and transportation of four light rail vehicles, weighing 181t each, in Gold Coast, Australia.


Services Required

ALE undertook a considerable amount of preparation, which began 12 months before the operation. ALE designed tracks that were welded to their trailers and bespoke ramps were created to assist with the vehicles’ discharge from a RO-RO vessel.

On the vessels’ deck, a winch truck was used to transfer the light rail vehicles from multiple roll trailers onto 24 axle lines of conventional trailer.

Planning and time management was key; ALE had to schedule the load-in around the tide times to ensure the ramps were at a precise level to allow smooth manoeuvres for the trailer.

Once the vehicles had been loaded-in, ALE transferred them back to the roll trailers for storage on the wharf. They were later transferred back to ALE’s 24 axle lines of conventional trailer for the final transportation.

Departure times for the transportation had to be planned around onsite power shutdowns, alongside Queensland Police. ALE transported the four vehicles 100km, escorted by two Queensland Police officers and two escort vehicles.

A winch truck was used to assist with the discharge onsite. Specially designed tram tracks allowed the vehicles to be placed straight onto the live lines.

The operation was completed in approximately two months.

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  • Load-in and transportation of light rail vehicles, Australia

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