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Load-out of a jacket, Malaysia


ALE has loaded-out the Baronia BNCPP jacket, weighing 7,096.3t, in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia.


Services Required

The jacket was fabricated in a yard located in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. Before executing the load-out, ALE devised the engineering design and structural calculations, including the design of dead man anchors, strand jack supports, ballasting calculations and procedures.

The load-out schedule was fixed in accordance with the tide restrictions. This meant that at certain stages throughout the load-out operation, the barge would not be able to maintain its stability with the quay due to the tidal range. After discussing the potential impact any delays or stalled conditions could have on disrupting the pulling and ballasting phases of the project with the client, as well as the yard and the Marine Warranty Surveyor, it was decided the operation would go ahead.

ALE used four strand jacks for the main pulling operation, each with a pulling capacity of 441.5t on a stroke of 500mm. All strand jacks were threaded with 20 strand wires. Two ALE break out jacks with 600t capacity each were also used to assist with breaking out the jacket from its initial position.

The ballasting and deballasting operation was performed utilising the internal ballast pumps of the barge. ALE’s ballast engineer worked together with the barge ballast operators to ensure the ballast operation was conducted in accordance to the ballast plan.

The load-out was executed smoothly, without delays to ensure the lift off was achieved safely and met the client’s deadline.

The jacket will form part of the Baronia Oil Field, the Baram Delta Gas Gathering (Bardegg) project located offshore in Sarawak, Malaysia.

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  • Load-out of a jacket, Malaysia

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