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Load-out of jackets, boat landings and bridges, Saudi Arabia


ALE has successfully completed the first two of four jacket load-outs as part of a long-term project, based in the client’s yard in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


Services Required

The full project comprises of transporting and loading-out four jackets, weighing 450t each, 12 off boat landings, weighing 85t each, and eight off bridges, weighing 100t each, as well as providing the mooring and ballast management of the transportation barges. 

The pieces were transported within the fabrication yard to the quayside and loaded-out onto the client’s barges using 24 axle lines of SPMT.

ALE provided the mooring and ballasting engineering and design as well as the onsite load-out management.

One of the challenges ALE faced was loading out the initial piece within a very limited time frame. ALE’s Engineering and Operations teams in Saudi Arabia worked closely together with ALE’s UAE branch to deliver the engineering along with equipment and personnel to the site on time, ready to perform the initial load-out in a safe and efficient manner.

The complete project will take a total of six months to complete.


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  • Load-out of jackets, boat landings and bridges, Saudi Arabia

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