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Swift and smooth load-outs of heavy wind farm substations in the Netherlands


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ALE has demonstrated the strength of their flexibility and bespoke engineering skills during a load-out operation of three heavy substations. Three offshore wind farm substations, weighing 693t, 1,500t and 1,852t each, were each successfully loaded-out in one hour onto a vessel in the Netherlands.

First, ALE successfully carried out the weighing of the substations using load cells and jacks.

There was a last-minute extension to ALE’s scope as there had been a change to the barge selected for the transportation. In order for the barge and the substations to pass beneath the bridges on the route, ALE had to quickly produce a new engineering solution. Two pieces of grillage were rotated on the barge so that the planned position of the substations could be altered, and their onward transportation remained safe.

Each of the substations was then loaded-out using SPMTs. ALE manoeuvred the 693t structure using 44 axle lines of SPMT, and the other two structures with 92 axle lines.

ALE’s flexibility enabled each of the load-outs to be performed in only one hour, completing a complex operation safely and smoothly. The client praised the company for how swiftly they were able to engineer a solution to the unexpected challenge.

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  • Swift and smooth load-outs of heavy wind farm substations in the Netherlands

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