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Load-out and transportation of a splitter in Ruwais, UAE




ALE has successfully performed the load-out and transportation of a propylene propane splitter, weighing 1,531t, as part of the Carbon Black Delayed Coker Project. At 115.4m long, this was the longest equipment ever received by ALE in the United Arab Emirates and also the longest equipment Mina Freeport has ever received.


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The propylene propane splitter was successfully loaded-out at Abu Dhabi Freeport using a 300 class barge, which ALE managed.  ALE then transported the splitter 250km by barge to the RRE7 jetty near to the existing project site. This journey took two days.


Once at the jetty, the splitter was loaded-in using 64 axle lines of SPMT, in two configurations: 4 file 18 and 4 file 14 and transported approximately 1km to the final lifting location. With ALE’s precise engineering calculations, this milestone project negotiated a gradient of three degrees on the route and was successfully and safely completed on schedule.

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  • Load-out and transportation of a splitter in Ruwais, UAE

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