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Load-in of VSF test frame, The Netherlands


ALE has successfully completed the load-in of a VSF test frame and grating weighing 1,500t in the Netherlands.  The whole operation was completed in three days and the load-in took 3 hours.

Services Required

On the quayside 80 axle lines of SPMTs were prepared. The barge was then prepared with mooring winches and ballast pumps. The internal ballast system was pre-ballasted simultaneously with the barge preparations for time effectiveness.

The following day, all SPMTs where installed on the barge at high tide. After the weight take-over the link beams and wedges were positioned. ALE needed to wait for the next high water level to start the load-in.

Shortly before the load-in, the roro-ramps were placed between the barge and quayside. The load-in commenced once the barge was in line. The barge ballasting started as the SPMTs moved towards and onto the roro-ramps.

Ballasting calculations were completed to ensure maximum efficiency. Four ballast pumps were installed to compensate for tide and weight loss, with another four ballast pumps installed to compensate the lift of the barge throughout the load-in. Three hours later, the frame and SPMTs were completely on the quayside.

After completion of the load-in, the barge was completely cleaned and all winches and ballast pumps were removed whilst positioning the test frame. After set-down of the test frame on its grating, all SPMTs were removed.




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  • Load-in of VSF test frame, The Netherlands

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