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Movement of gantry cranes, UK


ALE has successfully moved the first of two gantry cranes, weighing 540t as part of an investment in the renewable sector.


Services Required

ALE performed the site move of the gantry crane using 48 axle lines of SPMT and 36 axle lines of spacers. As the gantry was only stable on its own rails, ALE had to implement a method to brace the two sides of the gantry together. This was completed by connecting the SPMTs using two 35m long, 1m diameter tubular braces.

The braces kept the SPMTs in position and, most importantly, prevented the gantry leg from trying to splay. ALE arranged the 48 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 4 x 2 file 12 and positioned 12m long spreader beams under the gantry’s bogies. This allowed the gantry crane to be picked up using the SPMTs’ integral hydraulic suspension.

The cranes were transported 100m to a different location onsite, where they would be offloaded by a crane.

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  • Movement of gantry cranes, UK

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