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PfcE, Malaysia

ALE have completed the first phase of the PfcE project, which included a 5,800te jacket load-out.

The first phase of the project saw ALE weigh various modules for the F23R-A and CPDR-A Projects in Teluk Ramunia. These modules included a 1,715te and 1,882te deck that were weighed using an 8 point and 10 point weighing operation respectively. Post weighing, the decks were loaded out using SPMTs, using more than 120 axle lines to roll the decks onto the transportation barges ready for offshore installation.

The heaviest structure of this project, a 5,800te jacket, was loaded out using four 441te capacity strand jack skidding system and a centrally controlled 32 ballast/de-balast pump arrangement.

In addition, ALE conducted all of the engineering works for this project and supported the client during the construction phase by supplying 24 axles of SPT trailers on long term hire to assist in the jacket and module construction.

The second phase of the project will take place later this year and will utilise SPMTs for the load-out of a further deck, flare tower and inlet separators as well as a second jacket requiring the strand jack system for load-out.

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  • PfcE, Malaysia

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