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RAPID turnkey project, Malaysia


ALE has completed the turnkey package, involving the receiving of 22 heavylift items from the Johor Port Berhad, performing the marine and land transportation to the RAPID project site and the installation of the items onto their final foundations.


Services Required

ALE were contracted for the turnkey construction of the Pengerang Co-generation Plant (PCP), which comprises of four co-generation units made up of an H-class gas turbine, a waste-heat recovery steam generator, a steam turbine, associated mechanical and electrical systems and the instrumentation and control system. The 22 heavylift items measured up to 18m long and almost 6m wide.


During the pre-engineering phase, the Project Engineer carried out a preliminary design of a job-specific quality manual, which considered all of ALE’s, site and project requirements. ALE’s engineering team undertook the transport arrangements, barge stowage plans, seafastening and installation design, ballast calculations, mooring, towing and load-in/load-out analysis, stability calculations and advanced and progressive reporting.


The transformers and HP drums were transported on the sea using the ALE250 barge.


ALE received the 22 heavylift items, weighing between 140t – 482t, at the Johor Port Berhad on 10 axle lines, 20 axle lines and 24 axle lines of SPMT, depending on the type of piece. They were then transported to the project site situated in Pengerang, in the South of Johor using the same SPMT configurations.


Once on site, the pieces were installed using different lifting, jacking and skidding techniques. For the transformers, climbing jacks and strand jacks were used to jack-up the pieces and a skidding system to skid the piece into its final position. For the gas turbines and gas turbine generators, ALE used a gantry A-frame and strand jack system to install the pieces. For the steam turbines and steam turbine generators, ALE installed the pieces using a Lift ‘N’ Lock.


The PETRONAS Pengerang Co-generation Plant (PCP) will be one of the largest and most efficient gas-fired power plants in Malaysia. The plant is one of the six associated facilities to be developed within the PETRONAS’ Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) project and it will be able to produce approximately 1,220MW of power and up to 1,480t per hour of steam for the complex.


ALE’s Malaysia branch started this project in April 2016 and have completed 75% of the project, with four transformers and two sets of gas turbines and gas turbine generators left to install. The project is expected to complete by the end of the year.

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  • RAPID turnkey project, Malaysia

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