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Relocation of a press machine, Mexico


ALE has successfully performed the relocation of a press machine, weighing 10t, in Veracruz, Mexico.


Services Required

Before ALE started to perform the relocation manoeuvre, the press machine needed to be removed from the roof in a closed and restricted area. Once the client had given ALE access, a 65t crane was used to lift the press onto ALE’s skidding equipment.

ALE used the SS150 skidding system, based on three skid beams, one pulling unit and one power pack. The skidding system was installed within 2.5 hours and the client provided support throughout the operation with a forklift. The skidding track measured 12m long so it was only necessary to reinstall the whole system once.

The equipment was mobilised with short notice and the whole operation took place during one day as the plant had to completely stop operations to relocate the press. This meant that ALE had just one, eight-hour day shift to complete the operation.

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  • Relocation of a press machine, Mexico

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