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Removal of six fenders below DolWin3 offshore platform, Germany


ALE has successfully removed six fenders, weighing 25t each, below the DolWin3 offshore platform in Germany.


Services provided

ALE erected a lifting gantry onto a barge in the Port of Eemshaven in the Netherlands. This was load tested before sailing to the DolWin3 offshore platform in Germany.

The barge was then moored at the offshore location. The lifting gantry was skidded to the edge of the barge using four 70t strand jacks, which were placed horizontally. The gantry was approximately 15m high, leaving approximately 1.5m headroom at high tide. This meant the gantry could be skidded from port to starboard and reverse.

The fenders were each lifted by the gantry’s four 10t winches, with two on each side of the frame and a snatchdisk at the lifting point. The lifting point was lowered and connected to the fender by the client’s rope access riggers. The barge was slightly pulled away from the fender to avoid jamming, after which the fender was lifted until it was above deck level.

During lifting, the load was monitored by the load shackles in the rigging. Once lifted, the lifting gantry (including the fender) was skidded to the middle of the barge. The fender was lowered and placed on timber mats in between the skid tracks.

Once the fender was on deck, the lifting points could be released. Using two 3t and two 5t pulling winches, the fender was then moved to its final position, where it was sea-fastened. Once the fender was removed, ALE transported the barge back to Eemshaven Port and dissembled the lifting gantry.

This was repeated for each of the fenders. ALE completed the entire removal operation in less than 48 hours.

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  • Removal of six fenders below DolWin3 offshore platform, Germany

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