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Removal of Walterdale Bridge, Canada


ALE has overcome technical challenges to successfully complete the removal of the original Walterdale Bridge in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Services Required

Following the opening of the new Walterdale Bridge, ALE was contracted by ACCIONA Pacer Joint Venture (APJV) to lift and remove of the original Walterdale Bridge, which was constructed in 1913 and comprised of a south, mid and north span. The demolition was performed by Allwest.

During the removal project, ALE provided jacking, weighing, lifting and transport services in several phases.

Firstly, ALE jacked-up each span, with six 50t jacks, to free the bridge from each of its connection points.  Load cells were then used to verify the calculated weight of the spans: 220t each.

The north and south spans were the first to be removed each using one 500t capacity crawler cranes.  The mid-span section was lifted a week later using both 500t capacity crawler cranes.  This manoeuvre was more challenging due to the spans initial pick location on piers in the centre of the river and the multiple phases required in the removal procedure using a temporary tower structure to support the span whilst repositioning the cranes.  Finally, it was placed onto 8 axle lines of Hydraulic Platform Trailers in a 4 file 4 configuration, and the mid-span section was gradually shifted further south, away from the river’s edge and to its final designated dis-assembly location at the top of the river bank.

The scope was completed safely and effectively by a tremendous team, who showcased their engineering ingenuity through the application of smart techniques which solved the specific challenges associated with the scope. This included the load characteristics, long reaches, awkward terrain, and tight work areas.

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  • Removal of Walterdale Bridge, Canada

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