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Saving costs and reducing risk on overhead crane move, UK



Key Benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Engineering expertise
  • Safe working



ALE has reduced costs whilst safely removing and relocating two overhead cranes, weighing up to 36t, as part of the client’s crane renewal programme.

One overhead crane was relocated and another crane was removed inside the manufacturing plant in the UK.

Firstly, the Kone crane was lifted off the overhead rails using ALE’s Lift ‘n’ Lock, where it was rotated and lowered onto 20 axle lines of SPMT in a 4 file 10 configuration.

Once lowered, it was driven through the factory on the SPMTs to its installation position within a different manufacturing bay. For the installation, it was lifted using the Lift ‘n’ Lock and rotated back over the crane rails. Once in position over crane rails, it was lowered onto rails ready for installation.

To remove the Street crane, the SPMTs were repositioned underneath and was lifted with the Lift ‘n’ Lock, rotated clear of the rails and lowered. It was then lifted in tandem by the client off the SPMTs and lowered to ground.

In order to ensure safety and stability during this operation, which was taking place in a live and active manufacturing plant, ALE utilised their in-house engineering team to carry out a comprehensive study to determine stability and the centre of gravity. By utilised a lifting system with a mechanical locking system, as opposed to a hydraulic system, they provided a safer methodology and reduced risk.

The client was so impressed by the crew’s safe mentality and professionalism shown throughout that they were presented with a Safety Excellence award.

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  • Saving costs and reducing risk on overhead crane move, UK

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