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Lengthening of the Aratere ship, Singapore



ALE were contracted to provide skidding for the Aratere vessel in Singapore while a new 1,500t mid-section was installed.


Services Required

ALE installed a skid track in the floating KFD dock of Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore. The middle skid  system consisted of a 175m skid track, 11 skid beams, 33 load spreading beams and four push-pull units ( with a capacity of 83t). The side stability tracks used consisted of three skid shoes on each side, each with a capacity of 500t.

The skid shoes took the weight of the vessel whilst the client completed the cutting element of the project. ALE then skidded the fore ship forward over a length of 35m. The old bow, which weighed 115t, was also skidded out and the new 29.25m mid-section, weighing 1,500t, was skidded 5m into place using six 500t capacity skid shoes. After aligning the mid-body, ALE repeated the procedure with the fore ship and new bow section.

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  • Lengthening of the Aratere ship, Singapore

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