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Skidding of FPSO modules, Brazil and China


ALE has performed the skidding of two FPSO modules onto Jumbo Shipping HLV ‘Fairplayer’ while loading in Brazil and unloading in China.


Services Required

The FPSO modules weighed 953t and 949t including the skidding and seafastening grillage. The modules were skidded in the longitudinal direction of the vessel following a tandem lift by the vessel’s cranes, due to module size and weight.

ALE skidded the modules using the medium ALE skid system with a capacity of 300t. To guarantee that the applied load would not exceed the limits given by client, ALE installed twelve single-acting jacks between the eight skid beams and grillage. By using these jacks, ALE was able to monitor and adjust the loads on the skid beams.

ALE installed four skid track lanes with a length of 60m for each skidding operation. A total of eight skid beams and four push-pull units were installed – two skid beams and one push-pull unit per skid lane.

Once the first two modules were skidded to clear the loading area between the cranes, a third module was then loaded in the middle. The skidding operation of the first two modules took approximately four hours each, which was equivalent to 10m/hour.

Following loading of the modules, the equipment was secured onto the vessel deck and remained in place during the voyage from Brazil to China.

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  • Skidding of FPSO modules, Brazil and China

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