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Skidding of Eltersdorf Bridge, Germany


ALE has successfully skidded the Eltersdorf Bridge, weighing 715t, in Erlangen, Germany.


Services Required

ALE launched the second of two railway bridges into position using two 70t strand jacks, 24 axle lines in a 4-file configuration, and eight skidding plates (four skidding axles, with two plates at each axle).


The highway beneath the bridge remained in operation throughout the bridge installation.


After equipment installation, the bridge was driven forward using 24 axle lines in a 4-file configuration. The bridge was then lowered onto axle one at the front and lowered onto stools at the back end of the bridge. After this, the SPMTs were repositioned under the back end of the bridge in the transverse direction. The bridge was skidded to the axle two and three using the 70t strand jacks. Just before the bridge reached axle three, the SPMTs were lowered and removed. The bridge was then skidded to axle four and eventually to its end-position.


Subsequently, the skidding towers at axle two were replaced by climbing jacks. The towers at axle three and four were skidded from underneath the bridge and disassembled. At the same time the bridge was lowered using the climbing jacks until it could be transferred onto the client’s supports. Finally, small adjustments were made in longitudinal and transversal directions to position the bridge in the precise axis.

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  • Skidding of Eltersdorf Bridge, Germany

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