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Bespoke equipment provides specialist transport solution for Second World War rescue vessel in UK





Bespoke solution


Minimised disruption



The design of bespoke equipment enabled ALE to complete the jacking, transportation and installation of a fragile Second World War rescue vessel. The specially-tailored solution minimised disruption and was the most cost-efficient method to install the vessel, measuring 34m long and weighing 92t, at The National Museum of the Royal Navy Hartlepool, UK.

ALE’s scope began at Hartlepool Docks, where the vessel, Rescue Motor Launch (RML) 497, had been transported by a specialist barge within a large support cradle. 16 brackets were designed, fabricated and installed on the vessel’s support cradle by ALE. These enabled the motor launch to be jacked-up evenly from within the hold of the barge using 16 50t-capacity climbing jacks and avoided any additional stress being placed on the fragile vessel. After being jacked-up, it was secured on 16 axle lines of SPT and ALE performed a Ro-Ro operation to load-in the vessel onto the docks.

The route to the museum was mostly along the public highway and the heavy haulage transportation was planned in detail. It was arranged for a Sunday morning, when there would be less traffic, to minimise disruption to the public as much as possible. The one-mile journey using ALE’s specialist transport was the most efficient transportation solution as it offered the most stable and carefully controlled method of moving the delicate vessel, which was over 70 years old, as well as minimising the number of street furniture removals required. Once at the museum, ALE jacked-down the vessel to install it in a purpose-built temporary building, ready for restoration works.

ALE’s bespoke jacking and transportation methodology provided a cost-efficient solution for the operation, avoiding the need for a large crane that would also have caused significant disruptions at the docks. The expertise of ALE’s engineering team ensured the fragility of this unique vessel was safeguarded throughout the operation and the installation was completed successfully.

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  • Bespoke equipment provides specialist transport solution for Second World War rescue vessel in UK

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