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Tailored transportation solves stability for safer bridge installation, Germany





Bespoke solution

Minimised disruption



ALE’s in-house engineering expertise produced a bespoke transportation solution that ensured increased stability for the safer installation of a highway bridge, weighing 380t, in Erlangen, Germany.

The bridge was constructed next to a highway, 1.8m above the ground. ALE used climbing jacks to jack-up the bridge by 50cm, followed by the installation of a stool jacking system, which jacked-up the bridge a further 6.5m.

As the bridge had to be at a sufficient height for the installation, ALE needed to design a transportation method for the structure that also factored in the high centre of gravity.

ALE decided the safest solution to provide the necessary support would be to create four mast towers. These increased the transport’s stability and were installed on 20 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 2 x 10. The masts were then connected using bracings.

ALE installed the SPMTs underneath the bridge, and the jacking towers and building supports could then be removed. The bridge was transported and installed on the highway within five hours, enabling the highway to be reopened within only eight hours.

Drawing on their expertise of their highly-skilled engineers, ALE was able to design and create a specially-tailored solution that provided both the height and stability required to safely complete the operation.

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  • Tailored transportation solves stability for safer bridge installation, Germany

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