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Transformer move on the River Trent to Staythorpe Power Station, UK



ALE was contracted to move a transformer from Hull to the Staythorpe Power Station.


Services Required

ALE received the transformer, weighing 270t, from a heavy lift vessel at Alexandra Dock in Hull. ALE loaded the transformer onto the Inland Navigator, a river barge specially converted to carry abnormal loads. Here, Robert Wynn & Sons were subcontracted to provide the river transport along the River Trent to Staythorpe Power Station.

Upon arrival at the power station ALE’s AK-912 1,200t crane was used to tranship the transformer onto 14 axle lines of conventional trailers and driven to the nearby plinth, where the transformer was stooled off.

Four 100t climbing jacks were used to lower the transformer onto skidding equipment, to be subsequently skidded into final position. Conventional jacks enabled the removal of the skidding gear and installation of anti-vibration pads for the correct storage conditions for the transformer.

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  • Transformer move on the River Trent to Staythorpe Power Station, UK

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