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Transport solution drives time and cost efficiency, UK





Short notice mobilisation

Extensive transportation fleet

Reduced costs

Reduced schedule

Co-ordination with third parties



After mobilising at short notice, ALE has utilised its extensive transportation fleet to reduce time and costs for the 365m transportation of an evaporator and economizer in the UK.

ALE performed the transportation of an evaporator, weighing 93t and measuring 1,640cm long, 4,653cm wide and 2,915cm high, and an economizer, weighing 96t and measuring 1,640cm long, 4,653cm wide and 2,673cm high, from Llandow, Wales to the British Sugar Factory in King’s Lynn, England.

There were only 10 days to prepare for the operation, much shorter than typically given. The journey needed to be carried out safely and on schedule, so ALE completed multiple surveys and identified potential hazards on the route.

ALE also liaised with the local authorities to ensure that the convoy could pass safely whilst avoiding any disruptions. The importance of this was increased due to roadworks that were located close to the final destination. Once an alternative route was found, ALE needed to submit and process a permit application quickly and liaise with the local Police to make the necessary preparations and arrangements.

Able to draw on their extensive equipment fleet, ALE selected and supplied two transport configurations comprising of 10 axle lines of conventional trailers and an MAN tractor unit as the most suitable transport combination for the job.

Garnaud Tsika, Project Manager, commented, “We selected these because we needed to be sure the equipment complied with the weight and bridge capacity restrictions on the route. It was also the most cost-effective solution as the hydraulic trailers were able to self-load the cargo onto the trailers by reversing under the load.”

“We were really pleased with this transport solution as it benefitted the client in a couple of ways; it avoided the need for a costly crane and our overall operational time was reduced.”

The experience of ALE’s team in working with the authorities to best utilise their routing expertise was vital in ensuring the project could be completed on schedule. Combined with the company’s specialist transport, this resulted in a successful short-notice transportation.

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  • Transport solution drives time and cost efficiency, UK

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