Transportation and load-out of modules and cantilever, Mexico


ALE has successfully completed the transportation and load-out of two structural modules, weighing 129t and 110t, and one cantilever, weighing 82t, at Pajaritos Port in Veracruz, Mexico.


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One of the operation’s challenges was stabilising the three lightweight structures. They were tall, asymmetric structures, which affected the Centre of Gravity (CoG). By installing supports and spreaders, ALE ensured the items could be transported safely.

Temporary supports were installed on each structure and spreaders were installed on the chassis of the SPT for each transportation, with the supports and spreaders welded together.

The first module weighed 129t and measured 21m high, and the second module weighed 110t and measured 18m high.

In order to align it correctly and ready for the load-out, ALE turned the first module 180°.

The module was then transported from the assembly area to the quay using 20 axle lines of SPT in a configuration of 2 x 2 file 10. The module was then loaded-out onto a barge.

Next, ALE used the SPT in a different configuration to transport the cantilever, which measured 11m high. This was manoeuvred 90° and then loaded-out.

The second module was the final item to be transported and loaded-out. This was manoeuvred using the same SPT configuration as the first module. It was then turned 90° before being loaded-out onto the barge.

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  • Transportation and load-out of modules and cantilever, Mexico

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