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Transportation, load-out and float-off of a liftboat, Qatar


ALE has successfully completed the land transportation, load-out and float-off of a liftboat, Al Safliya, at the client’s yard in Ras Laffan, Qatar.


Services Required

In order to transport the liftboat, ALE utilised 264 axle lines of SPMTs in a configuration of 12 x 2 file 22 axles and positioned these underneath the liftboat. The trailers moved along the route in a rotated angle at 90 degrees and were positioned ready for the load-out operation.


Because of the space limitations onsite, a side load-out was performed onto a Load-out/Recovery (LOR) barge. The load-out operation was fully controlled by using a self-ballasting system on-board the LOR barge. The load-out operation took approximately four hours to complete.


As the liftboat had a high vertical centre of gravity with a full leg installed condition, ALE had to perform the float-off with additional buoyant supports and spacer barge placed onto the LOR barge, as per the engineering plans. Additionally, ALE were required to lower the liftboat leg 1m to get additional GM of 1.7m.


The float-off operation took less than 10 hours of to the complete, including the ballasting and preparation operation.

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  • Transportation, load-out and float-off of a liftboat, Qatar

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