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Transportation of materials for major LNG project, Australia

Overview: Roof panels for the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks at one of the major LNG construction projects on Curtis Island, Gladstone, Queensland were transported by ALE from their storage area to Curtis Island for construction. There were two types of roof section ‘type A’ weighing 21te and ‘type B’ weighing 7te; this difference is due to the fact that type B sections are frame only (not sheeted).

Services required: ALE transported these roof panels from their laydown yard to Auckland Point these movements involved the use of 16 axle SPT’s, SPT operators, traffic control and spotters. The roof sections were moved out of the storage yard onto the port access road, they travel approximately 1 km along this road before entering the wharf where the panels were unloaded onto a barge and then transported to the island.

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  • Transportation of materials for major LNG project, Australia

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