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Transportation of a transformer, Australia


ALE has successfully transported a transformer, weighing 158.7t, from the Port of Brisbane to Toowoomba.


Services Required

The transformer was received under the ships’ hook at the Port of Brisbane. In consideration of the over dimensional curfews within the Brisbane city area, the 155km journey from Brisbane to Toowoomba needed to be completed during the hours of darkness.

The transformer departed the Port of Brisbane and was delivered on 40 axle lines of widening trailers in a 4 file 10 configuration. They arrived at the bottom of the Toowoomba range 2.5 hours later, where a block truck was used for the 5km trip up a 10% gradient. This took approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Once ALE has completed the steep Toowoomba range section, ALE then to negotiate the main street of Toowoomba, travelling under low power lines, traffic lights and low hanging trees.

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  • Transportation of a transformer, Australia

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