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Transportation of locomotives and slugs, Saudi Arabia


ALE has completed the transportation of five locomotives, each weighing 118t, and two slugs, each weighing 115t, from an industrial yard in Dammam to two separate sites in Saudi Arabia.


Services Required

Three of the locomotives and one slug were transported 1,400km to a phosphate plant near Wadi Al Shamal using 12 axle lines of conventional trailers. The transportation took eight days and the items arrived the day prior to the pre-arranged lifting.

ALE used two 500t capacity mobile cranes to lift the locomotives and slug onto railway tracks within one day.

For the transportation to Ras Al-Kahir, ALE needed to travel through Royal Commission areas and therefore had to gain permission from the Royal Commission to cross pipelines and two railway tracks. By choosing this route, ALE was able to avoid bridges and high obstacles, increasing the time efficiency of the operation.

ALE transported the other two locomotives and remaining slug 200km to Ras Al-Kahir using the same equipment that had been used for the Wadi Al Shamal transportation. The transportation took two days.

At Ras Al-Kahir, the items were lifted onto railway tracks, repeating the Wadi Al Shamal lifting operation.

For both transportations, ALE worked closely with the local authorities to avoid disruptions and coordinate with the other traffic.

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  • Transportation of locomotives and slugs, Saudi Arabia

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