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Transportation of mining equipment for Roy Hill Project, Australia



ALE were contracted to receive and perform the land transportation of 3,500 mining equipment modules for the construction of the Roy Hill Mine, situated in the Western Australian Pilbara.


Services Required

ALE received the modules at Port Hedland. The 3,500 modules ranged in size and weight , as heavy as 320t and measuring up to 15m wide, 17.5m high and 54m long.

The modules were transported 540km to the Newman Pilbara region utilising 30 axle lines of widening trailers and four block trucks.

Because of the size of the items, they were delivered one at a time. When added to the weight of the trailer, the total configuration weighed almost 500t. ALE configured a 30 axle line trailer with a wheelbase of 55.4m, which is set at 4.9m wide whilst loaded and returning empty at 3.48m wide. Three 240t-rated trucks were used to transport the three loads roughly 540km over three nights, to mitigate delays to the general public, before travelling one additional day to arrive at their final destination.

The major challenge of this project was obtaining approval from the local authorities to move the bucket wheel and boom as one complete unit. To achieve a permit to travel, ALE had to prove that the two loads could be transported safely to the required destinations. In order to do so, ALE supplied engineered drawings, lashing calculations, convoy speed and route estimations, route swept path details and simulations, independent surveying of the load dimensions and a check weight prior to the loads’ departure. Once MRWA was satisfied with all of this information ALE was given a permit to transport the load as one item.

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  • Transportation of mining equipment for Roy Hill Project, Australia

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