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Transportation of modules for the Optara project, Spain

Transportation of nine modules using the lo-lo method in the Port of Tarragona for the Optara project, Spain



As part of the Optara project, ALE has completed the transportation of modules using the lo-lo method, in the Port of Tarragona.


Services Required

A total of nine modules were transported from Tarragona, where a manufacturing yard is based. The modules ranged in weight, with the lightest weighing 22t and the heaviest coming in at 360t.

ALE used 40 axle lines of SPMT in the Port of Tarragona, Spain, to load the equipment using the lo-lo method. The modules were loaded onto the ship ‘Anne Sofie’, using ALE’s own cranes. In total, the transportation took four days.

This transportation of modules forms part of the Optara project. The final destination for the modules will be the client’s refinery near the Port of Antwerp, Belgium.


Transporte de nueve módulos lo-lo en Tarragona para proyecto Optara, España



Como parte del proyecto Optara, ALE ha realizado el transporte de nueve módulos lo-lo de entre 22t y 360t en el Puerto de Tarragona.


Servicios Requeridos

En el Puerto de Tarragona, se transportaron los equipos mediante 40 líneas SPMT al buque ‘Anne Sofie’ (carga lo-lo), empleándose cuatro días en esta operación.

El destino final de los módulos es la refinería del cliente cerca del puerto de Amberes, Bélgica.

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  • Transportation of modules for the Optara project, Spain

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