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Transportation of seven silo tanks, Czech Republic


ALE transported the first batch of silo tanks from the assembly area to installation location on site in Litvinov, Czech Republic.


Services Required

Each silo tank weighed 23t and measured 35m long, 6m wide. The tanks were built 50mm above the ground surface on timber saddles.

Prior to starting the project, ALE completed a route survey to ensure the transport manoeuvre could be achieved smoothly. According to the route survey, six curves were prepared (back filled, compacted and covered with steel plates), and more than 50 obstacles were removed. In addition, risk assessments and transport arrangements were made to ensure the project milestones could be achieved safely.

ALE faced the challenge of working within the plant’s height limitations. With the height within the plant limited to 6.2m, ALE needed to develop a solution which minimised the transport height and avoided assembling the silos in the installation location to save valuable space on site and costs for the clients.

For this job ALE’s in-house engineering team specially designed a set of bespoke transportation forks with 20t capacity, called the 20t transport saddle. These forks were mounted on front of the SPMTs. By using these forks no crane handling was needed.

The silos tanks were loaded onto 8 axle lines of Generation 4 SPMT in a configuration of 2 x 2 file 4. The silos were built in an assembly area, 3km away from the installation area, and were transported 1.8km within the plant and the rest on public roads. Furthermore, in consideration of the abnormally long length of the tanks, additional visibility was required and two operators were used.

The local authorities gave ALE a limited time window of just one hour, where the public road was closed and the tanks could be transported. Whilst transporting the tanks over the public road, road guidance by the police was required.

Because of the measures ALE put in place, such as the additional operators and the new transport forks, the transport was able to negotiate the narrowest bends on route and the tanks could pass under the lowest pipe racks.

It took one hour to load, 3.5 hours to transport, and 0.5 hours to offload the silos. All seven silos tanks were transported over eight days. This was the first batch of 47 silos in total. ALE transported the remaining 40 silos over 12 days.

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  • Transportation of seven silo tanks, Czech Republic

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