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Transportation of ship’s section in Birkenhead, UK



ALE transported a 500t mid-body section of ship.


Services Required

ALE transported the mid-body section using 32 axle lines of SPMT in a 2 x 2 file 16 configuration from the fabrication hall and along public roads to the dry dock.

Once inside the dry dock, the ship was cut into sections.  The fore-end section, weighing 3,800t, was then moved 40m along the dry dock using SPMTs to make room for a new mid-body section.

The mid-body section was then lifted into the dry dock onto trailers. The section was carouselled using trailers and then aligned with the aft-end of the ship. Finally, the trailers were aligned to re-configure the fore-end section to the new mid body section.

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  • Transportation of ship’s section in Birkenhead, UK

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