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Turnkey operation for a solar farm site in the Northern Cape, South Africa


ALE has successfully carried out the handling and transportation of various solar pieces from the Port of Luderitz, Namibia, and Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape, to the Thermoelectric Solar Plant in Bokpoort.  The plant was based in the remaining extent of the Bokpoort 390 farm, situated in the Kheis local municipality in the Northern Cape province.


Services Required

The solar pieces included an oil interchanger, steam turbine, steam generator system, transformer, condenser, preheater, ullage tanks, Horizontal Flash Tank (HFT) vessel, workshop tanks, blow out protector and HFT heaters. ALE received the various solar pieces, weighing between 30t to 230t, under hook in the Port of Luderitz and Port Elizabeth.

ALE offloaded the vessel as quickly as possible and within the given deadline to avoid any demurrage costs. ALE provided staging systems, for the offloading and loading in the Port of Luderitz.

ALE then used 71 axle lines of conventional multi-axle trailers for shuttling to and from the ship and laydown area.

To transport the accumulators to site, ALE used various multi-axle transport combinations and returned to the laydown area to reload additional solar pieces and transport back to site.

Once at the solar farm site, ALE utilised various trailer combinations, including conventional and low bed trailers, to install the components using the LG 1750 crane, the 500t strand jack gantry installation skidding system as well as the 4 post lifting system.

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  • Turnkey operation for a solar farm site in the Northern Cape, South Africa

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