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Two-stage transportation of transformers in Diele, Germany

ALE successfully transported transformers from Nürnberg and Rotterdam to Diele, Germany.

ALE was contracted to transport two 280te transformers to a site in Diele, Germany.

ALE completed the project in two phases, firstly transporting transformer one from Nurnberg on a barge to Bingum. The second transformer was then transported was then transported from Rotterdam by the same process.

The transformers then made their journey from Bingham to Diele on SPMTs.

Once in Diele, the transformers were removed from their SPMT trailers and transferred onto climbing jacks. They were jacked down and railway wheels were installed. Lastly, pulling cylinders were used to move the transformer into the bays.

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  • Two-stage transportation of transformers in Diele, Germany

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