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Weighing, transportation and load-out of WHP jacket for SK316 Project, Malaysia


ALE has performed the weighing, site transportation and load-out of the WHP jacket, weighing 2,727t, for the SK316 Development Project at the Malaysian Marine Heavy Engineering West Shipyard in Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia.


Services Required    

The total weight of the load was 3,927t, which included 1,200t of four transport beams. Prior to the site move, it took the clients a week of preparation time. A route survey was carried out which identified the most suitable path for the move and consisted of a 90 degree turn, drain crossings and a 1 degree slope.

It took four days to assemble the SPMTs, position the transport beams and the SPMTs underneath the jacket. The jacket was transported using 156 axle lines of SPMT and ALE’s Linkspan bridge system from the fabrication area 1.5km to the load-out position, taking one hour.

To prepare for the load-out, ALE assembled their Linkspan bridge system using 24 5.5m drag line boards, seven 4m hinge angles and 12 steel wedges. The tide was monitored to find a suitable evening time-slot to perform the load-out. ALE performed the load-out from the crossover to the final position on the barge in two hours.

Once the jacket was in its final position, it was jacked-down on the grillage and the SPMTs were retrieved from the barge. In order to retrieve the transport beams in the limited working space available, ALE used 24 axle lines in a configuration of 4 file 12.

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  • Weighing, transportation and load-out of WHP jacket for SK316 Project, Malaysia

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