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Weighing, transportation and load-out of a PUQ deck in Jebel Ali, UAE




ALE were commissioned to weigh, transport and load-out a 13,191.98t PUQ deck in Jebel Ali, UAE.  The PUQ deck was the largest offshore platform to have been constructed by the client, Lamprell. This was the first time ALE had attempted to transport a load of over 13,000t by SPMTs and supplied 512 axle lines to undertake the transportation. As a result, the job was awarded the Guinness World Record for the ‘Heaviest Load Moved by SPMTs’.


Services Required:


ALE delivered a highly tailored, end-to-end service covering the weighing, transportation and load-out services.


ALE weighed the PUQ deck three times as they had to consider that it was going to an offshore location and needed to be lifted by crane. This meant that it would be high capacity and the weight measurements had to be extremely accurate.  First it was weighed at 50%, then 75% before the final weighing at 100%, which recorded a weight of 13,191.98t – the heaviest load ever to be moved by SPMTs. A schedule was devised for the transportation and load-out operations.


The PUQ deck was then delivered, jacked-up and prepared for the load-out three days in advance.  ALE utilised 512 axle lines of SPMT to transport the deck 883m from the fabrication yard to the quayside, taking 4 hours to complete. As the supports in the yard where the deck lay were different to those on the grillage, ALE had to deliver the PUQ deck to the quay on one configuration of trailer and then interchange two lines of SPMT at the quayside so that the deck could be delivered safely to final position on the deck.


The final part of the project, the exchange trailer was brought to the quayside and ALE conducted the ballasting of the barge, with the vessel brought alongside the deck in the Mediterranean position the day before.  ALE began the load-out of the PUQ deck, which measured 98.5m long, 46m wide and 58.8m high, onto the barge vessel bound for the Golden Eagle Area Development (GEAD) in the North Sea. The load-out was completed in 10 hours which complied with the tight time window allowed. All traffic was halted before, during and after the movements in the port.


Once all aspects were completed, the SPMTs were then removed by splitting the lines on the vessel. This was carried out because the allowable ballast and strength of the vessel only allowed for a portion of the SPMTs to be removed at a time. Following removal of all SPMTs, the vessel was then relocated to a position parallel to the quayside. At this stage ALE then inserted another line of 30 SPMT axles to remove one of the grillage beams. This was because this grillage beam was in place only for the transportation aspect of the job and not for the sea fastening on the vessel.

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  • Weighing, transportation and load-out of a PUQ deck in Jebel Ali, UAE

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