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Wikinger project in Puerto Real, Spain



ALE has successfully completed, the transportation and load-out of one jacket and one topside, in Puerto Real, Cádiz.


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The topside was separated into two parts: Topside I and II.

Prior to the transport manoeuvres, ALE performed the weighing of the three structures with load cells and jacks with 500t capacity. These weighed between 2,500t – 2,900t. The three manoeuvres were performed following the same procedure and consecutively.

First, the jacket was transported from its fabrication yard until it was in line with the barge using 120 axle lines in a configuration of 6 x 4 file 10 axles. ALE then loaded-out the jacket in a vertical position using the same transport configuration.

The delivery alongside the ship and load-out of the topside was performed using the same method, equipment and sequence of work of the jacket. For topside I, 72 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 2 x 4 file 18 and 48 axle lines in a configuration of 2 x 4 file 12. For Topside II, ALE utilised 120 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 2 x 4 file 30.

The jacket was loaded-out onto a single barge and on a separate barge, both sides of topside were loaded-out onto the same barge.

The load-out were performed on schedule and according to the calculations and procedures previously approved.

The operation is part of the Wikinger project and also it includes loading 29 jackets by crane in the port of Ferrol, which currently still ongoing.

These pieces will eventually be part of Wikinger, the German offshore wind farm. This substation will become the heart of the offshore wind energy park based in the Baltic Sea. The electricity produced by its wind turbines offshore will power 350,000 German households and CO2 emissions by almost 600,000t per year.

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  • Wikinger project in Puerto Real, Spain

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