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Gas turbine delivery demonstrates team co-ordination, Iraq


ALE has successfully received, transported and installed four gas turbines and four gas turbine generators for the Zubair Oil Field Development Project, Iraq.

Services Required

The heavy equipment was shipped to Umm Qasr Port, where ALE received and transported them to the temporary storage area inside the port on 16 axle lines of hydraulic trailers in a 4 file 8 configuration.

The gas turbines, weighing 357t, and gas turbine generators, weighing 234t, were stored whilst clearing customs. ALE then reloaded the items onto the trailers and transported them over 70km to site.

The route was very challenging and involved negotiating several high, medium and low voltage powerlines that needed to be shut down to allow safe passage of the transport convoy.

Once the heavy equipment arrived on site, they were delivered to their foundations and installed using ALE’s heavy duty jacking and skidding equipment.

This project demonstrated effective team co-ordination for a time-efficient delivery.

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  • Gas turbine delivery demonstrates team co-ordination, Iraq

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