Lightweight Service Crane

Ideal for use on projects where space is limited and access is difficult, such as high-rise buildings, in city centres or on offshore structures

The Lightweight Service Crane offers a standardised lifting solution for work on complex onshore and offshore assets such as jacketed platforms, semi-submersibles and FPSOs. Capable of lifting loads of up to 150t, the crane is constructed of aluminium and can be carried and assembled by hand for smaller lifts – making it a highly efficient solution for a range of project challenges. Certified to DNV GL and EN Norm, it can be assembled to suit individual project requirements.

Key benefits

Complete solution

The crane is adaptable to the project’s specific demands and does not require the use of an additional assembly crane.

Low operational costs

Eliminate the need for the time consuming and costly use of larger cranes by delivering a flexible on-the-spot alternative.

Time efficient

Designed to be extremely mobile, and easy to transport and deploy in different positions.


Additional lightweight equipment, such as skidding systems, can be added to create an even more versatile solution.

Increased safety

Fitted with the latest safety features, including a load moment indicator and the ability to give real-time load readings and boom angle measurements.


The versatility of the Lightweight Service Crane means it offers an effective, mobile solution for a wide range of applications.

  • Lifting of heavy units on high-rise buildings
  • Offshore repair and installation of flare booms and vent stacks
  • Indoor deployments where OH cranes are unavailable
  • Assembly and disassembly of tower cranes
  • Additional lifting capacity for offshore platforms
  • Handling of heavy equipment in and onto ships