Hydro Deck

A solution to extreme tidal ranges

The Hydro Deck is a versatile transition pontoon for movements from vessel to quayside where port or load-in locations are subject to extreme tidal variations.

Developed in conjunction with AG&P, it works in conjunction with a modular offloading facility to form the gateway for on-shoring modules and other infrastructure needed for complex projects.

The Hydro Deck is suitable for projects faced with limited or no port facilities or where rapid ballasting and large displacement, such as required for offshore floatovers, are key considerations. Due to its unique features, the Hydro Deck can also support multiple operations and has the potential for a range of nearshore and offshore applications in various industry sectors.

  • Enables load-in operations for combined loads of up to 17,000t
  • Functional regardless of tidal conditions for 24/7 operation
  • Specialised ballasting system enables buoyancy control in specific areas of the pontoon to accommodate large and fast tidal variations
  • 140m x 40m x 12m dimensions

Read how the Hydro Deck ensured the safe, timely load-out of 149 modules for the Ichthys Onshore LNG project.

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