Mega Jack

The revolutionary jacking system

Immense Lifting Power

The rising use of modular construction techniques across a range of industry sectors has meant increasing demand for new technology that can move heavier loads efficiently and safely.

ALE’s innovative solution is the Mega Jack – a revolutionary system developed to push structures of staggering weights and sizes. Its flexible, efficient design is based on individual towers that can be configured in any formation to suit the particular demands of a project, providing enormous strength and stability.

The series includes the Mega Jack 5200, which has lifted modules of over 40,000t, and the smaller-scale Mega Jack 800 and Mega Jack 300 – meaning there is a system suitable for a wide range of applications and industry sectors such as nuclear, offshore, civil construction and petrochemical plants.

Key benefits 

Reduced risk

Jacks remain at ground level during operation, minimising work at height. Computer-controlled system and comprehensive user-machine interface means accuracy is increased.

Time effective

Fully-automated beam feed-in system improves jacking speed.

Site optimisation

Compact format saves site space to allow work on multiple activities simultaneously.


Cost savings

Quick system operation requires less man-hours. All systems are containerised for cost-effective shipping and transportation.

Turnkey Solution

Ability to be integrated with other systems for different applications, from weighing to support.

Enhanced stability

Multiple towers can be used to provide required stability


Mega Jack 5200

The original Mega Jack system has opened the possibility of new, more efficient construction methodologies for our clients.

It has allowed the offshore industry to construct larger modules onshore, reducing project time, cost and risk – and setting several world records in the process.  In the civils sector it has demonstrated the flexibility and strength of its configuration on a range of high profile projects.


  • 5,200t capacity per tower
  • No limit to weight that can be lifted
  • Modularised
  • Fully-automated beam system enables multiple tower configurations
  • Variable footprint is ideal to accommodate different site requirements
  • Optional gantry crane system
  • Load spreading base

Mega Jack 800

The Mega Jack 800 bridges the gap in jacking capacities between conventional 60t – 500t climbing jack systems and the 5,200t per tower Mega Jack 5200. This allows it to offer the same core efficiency and safety benefits of the larger system, but for a different, complementary range of project sizes and scopes.

Its versatility to accommodate a wide variety of weights and structures means the Mega Jack 800 has been instrumental in the successful delivery of projects across a range of industry sectors.


  • 800t capacity per tower
  • Multiple towers can be used for a range of weights and sizes
  • Fully-automated cassette system enables multiple tower configurations
  • Feed-in from one side to optimise space
  • Low assembly height so little overhead space is required

Mega Jack 300

The Mega Jack 300 offers a quick, flexible solution for projects where time and space is limited. Jacking operations can be completed in as little as one hour, and the system can easily be moved or reconfigured onsite.

A superior alternative to conventional equipment such as timber jacking, this compact system maintains the core benefits of the series whilst offering important advantages for reducing schedule and risk on smaller-scale projects.


  • 300t capacity per tower
  • Ease of global shipping and logistical schedule
  • Feed-in from one side to optimise space
  • Increased stability from multiple points
  • Suitable alternative to other, larger equipment
  • Load spreading base

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