SK Cranes

The world’s largest capacity land-based cranes

The world is building bigger

Constructing larger FPSO and FLNG modules onshore is helping to expedite project schedules; taller offshore wind turbines are generating unprecedented levels of renewable energy; installing civil components such as bridges in one piece is getting critical infrastructure back up and running sooner. The challenge is to ensure the right heavy lift cranes can facilitate the lifting and installation of these super-sized components.

Enter ALE’s SK cranes

With an unparalleled capacity of up to 10,000t, this new breed of lifting technology has facilitated more efficient construction methodologies across a range of industry sectors.

The SK heavy lift cranes are not just pioneers in terms of capacity – their revolutionary design was developed to optimise flexibility in their configuration, maximise effective operation for a range of site conditions and to meet the latest, most stringent safety standards. This is why for over ten years they have been the go-to lifting technology for major projects across the globe.

> World’s largest capacity land-based crane

> Small plot area reduces onsite disruption

> Full ring available but not usually required

> Containerised for low cost shipping


The 10,000t SK10,000 is the world’s largest capacity land-based crane. It enables new levels of project efficiencies in schedule, safety and cost for the lifting of ultra-heavy modules, particularly in FPSO and FLNG construction.

Its exceptional capacity means modules can be installed directly onto ship’s hulls, utilising the same design as the other SK cranes for unparalleled lifting power in a compact plot area with flexible ring configuration.

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Since its launch in 2013 the 5,000t capacity AL.SK350 has delivered a number of world record lifts for major oil and gas projects. Its capacity and 354,000tm load moment – the largest in the world until the launch of the SK10,000 – opened new possibilities in modular construction.

The power and reach of the AL.SK350 means larger modules can be lifted directly from the fabrication location to minimise the need for additional equipment and work in moving modules to a specific lift site. Outreach is further enhanced by a heavy duty jib, which allows greater scope to perform all lifting from one strategic location rather than reconfiguring and moving the crane multiple times.


The AL.SK190 has a capacity of 4,300t and a load moment of 196,000tm, delivering this huge lifting power in a footprint of just 35m x 55m. In over a decade of operation, this pioneering crane has performed super-lifts across a range of industry sectors.

Its versatile design has completed complex, challenging projects including chemical plants in the Middle East, a civils project in the UK and refinery installation in the USA.

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