By taking collective responsibility and working together to mitigate risk in every project we undertake, we can build a safer future.

We recognise that the industries and sectors that we operate in present challenges in terms of managing risk. Our passion is fuelled by our history and foundation in protecting our people, environments and assets all over the globe.

ALE is cemented in a context of over 30 years of evolving Risk Management though maturing legislation, international standards and client requirements. We as ALE see the value in a safer working environment for all and we want to capitalise on our history and better mitigate industry risks.

By investing in our constantly evolving internal infrastructure, we are able to maintain our competitive advantage with industry leading initiatives that allow us to implement and use breakthrough tools to identify, assess and act upon all levels of risk to our people, environments and assets. This has given us the ability to identify areas that require attention as well as nominate single areas of concern to target resources.

ALE are committed to lead the industry and influence all of our clients and subcontractors in a united approach to achieving an incident and injury-free mindset. In order to achieve this, we have developed and adopted many of the leading systems and processes that are seen as industry best practice and available techniques.

We have ensured that our core systems which shape the way we operate are certified and proven to comply with ISO 45001, 9001 and 14001. ALE know that it is imperative to not only attain the certification but to also have a robust assurance process in place to ensure that the standards are met and maintained.

At ALE, we realise that this journey is not to be taken in isolation, therefore we stand by the fact that together we are safer.