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Expertise and track record enable jacket load-outs, India



Key Benefits:

Experienced team

Long-standing track record of similar work

Close working relationships


The expertise in strand jack pulling load-outs of ALE – Offshore Services’ team was vital to ensuring the successful and safe load-out of two 4,000t jackets in Chennai, India.

The team had developed a close working relationship with the client and, combined with the successful track record from previous operations, the client had the utmost confidence in ALE’s abilities.

ALE provided all the necessary preparations, including the ballast, mooring calculations and arrangements.

Each jacket was loaded-out within one month of each other and was loaded-out with the strand jack pulling technique in conjunction with the ALE load-out ballasting plan. ALE’s versatile mooring winches equipment were deployed during the load-out operations too.

“Moving loads like this is second nature to us, but our client needed the reassurance that it could be achieved safely within the necessary timescales to industry safety and quality standards. By working closely and remaining open, recognising each other’s strengths and demonstrating our portfolio of similar operations, the client had the confidence in our abilities. In fact, we were praised for our preparation, control, as well as our professionalism and calmness shown throughout,” explained Dan Kempin, Business Development Manager for ALE – Offshore Services.

The jackets form part of the Bassein Development 3 Well Platform and Pipeline Project, the development of three oil and gas fields, in India.

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