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Global resources provide innovative solution for 11,477t of cargo in Thailand


Power generation

Key Benefits:

Innovation solution

Global resources

Branch collaboration

Minimised disruption

Offshore expertise


ALE’s ability to draw on global resources and engineer innovative solutions has ensured the successful delivery of 11,477t of cargo for the South Bangkok Power Plant project. 152 items, weighing between 6t-478t, were received at the port of Laem Chabang, then transported on two barges along the Chao Phraya River to the South Bangkok Power Plant site in Thailand, where they were loaded-in using SPMTs.

The greatest challenge in the project was devising a way to transport the items along a 15m wide slipway in South Bangkok. This was too narrow for most barges, so ALE’s solution was to use two barges, subcontracting one from Singapore. One barge would transport smaller cargo and the other would transport the larger cargo, which included heat recovery steam generator modules, and gas turbine and generator parts.

ALE executed the transhipment manoeuvres to transfer cargo from the larger barge to the smaller barge and onto the slipway for the power plant, enabling all the cargo to be delivered on schedule with minimal disruption. Among the major project milestones was the completion of the transportation and load-in of the operation’s largest cargo, a 478t gas turbine, followed the next day by a 450t generator. The milestone was achieved from over 20,000 manhours, including planning, detailed engineering, project management and site works.

Matt Thomson, Project Manager, said “This project has been a major achievement for ALE’s coordination, with crew and equipment coming from ALE branches in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the UK, as well as drawing on the expertise of our specialist ALE – Offshore Services division. The team’s dedication to success has also been demonstrated by the excellent safety record maintained throughout the project.”

The cargo transportation was completed over six months, achieving the operation’s deadlines so that the overall project could then move on to the construction and commissioning phase. ALE’s capacity to draw on resources from across the globe enabled them to provide an innovative solution to the challenges of this huge operation, ensuring the project was delivered successfully and on schedule.

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