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Precise jacking and transportation ensure swift relocation of entire house in the Netherlands



Key Benefits:

Minimised disruption

Swift operation

Third party co-ordination


ALE’s precision and accuracy enabled them to perform the swift relocation of an entire house, weighing 650t, in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands.

The structure of the house meant a very accurate lifting method was needed as well as a considerable amount of additional steel to strengthen the house and provide the structural integrity required for the specialist transportation. ALE also looked for a method to complete the move as efficiently as possible to minimise disruption to the local area and enabled other construction operations to continue.

Early involvement in the planning processes enabled ALE to develop effective communication with the client for a smoother operation, which used jacking techniques and SPMTs for the heavy haulage transportation of the house.

The house had already been detached from its foundations and ALE first positioned 700 bar jacks, so that the weight of the house could be transferred onto them from concrete posts. 29 climbing jacks were installed in groups of 12 underneath the concrete posts. Each group was pre-loaded to reduce deflections for greater exactitude, before ALE jacked-up the house by 2.5m. The climbing jacks were then relocated to make space for the SPMTs.

A steel structure was created to support the house and spread the load evenly during the abnormal load transportation. ALE then transported the house 100m using 30 axle lines of SPMT.

ALE’s specially-tailored method ensured the house relocation could take place as swiftly and safely as possible. The house was relocated so that a new building could be constructed in its place.

Watch – how to transport an entire house

ALE used a variety of heavy duty lifting equipment alongside their specialist transport to jack-up a 650t house, then transport it on 30 axle lines of SPMT.


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