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Rapid mobilisation enables swift ship repairs, France



Key Benefits:

Short notice mobilisation

Reduce schedule



A rapid response from ALE enabled urgent ship repairs to be assessed and performed quickly, with ALE completing the operation ahead of schedule.

Urgent ship repairs needed to be assessed and despite it being over the Christmas holiday period in France, ALE was able to perform a site visit, establish a plan of action, and present the results to the client within 24 hours.

The vessel’s line shafts had become damaged so one week later ALE mobilised 6 axle lines of SPMT to remove them. After the trailers had been transported aboard the vessel, each of the line shafts, weighing 23t, was loaded onto the SPMT and mounted on specialist supports, before being lashed to the trailers to ensure greater stability so that they could be transported safely. ALE then transported them from the vessel via a ramp. The removal was performed within a few hours and completed ahead of the client’s schedule.

Once the repairs had been carried out, ALE also stepped in to assist with the reinstallation procedure. There was an even greater time pressure for the return of the line shafts as ALE received notice at 5pm the day before and the vessel was on a tight schedule. ALE was again able to mobilise swiftly and was ready on site at 10am to provide support to the client.

ALE’s ability to mobilise rapidly and at short notice combined with close communications with the client was vital to the success of the manoeuvres. This ensured these time-critical heavy transportation operations could be completed safely as well as ahead of schedule.

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Abnormal Load Transport