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Specialist equipment overcomes challenging route to transport 22 power plant engines in Azerbaijan


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Key Benefits:

Global equipment fleet

Swift mobilisation

Reduced costs


Drawing on its global fleet of specialist transport equipment, ALE completed the efficient transportation of 22 engines for the Sangachal -2 Power Plant Project in Baku, Azerbaijan.

ALE’s scope consisted of the 25km transportation of the engines, weighing 300t each, from Primorsk port to Sangachal Terminal, working alongside Trans Global Projects Ltd. The route posed several challenges including numerous steep gradients and roads that were not designed for such heavy abnormal load transportations, so the project required the utilisation of specialist transport equipment.

Close communications with the client ensured ALE was able to prepare for the complex route and select the most suitable transport for an efficient operation.

ALE’s global spread enabled them to quickly mobilise the best heavy haulage equipment in the region, which reduced overall costs to the project. 16 axle lines of conventional trailer with ADDrive and a prime mover were used to transport the engines across the 25km route.

The ADDrive system offered additional drive capacity and increased manoeuvrability, providing ALE with the capabilities to overcome the challenging environment on route.

Overall performance and project efficiency were also enhanced as the system means less mobilisation work is required when loading and unloading. ALE’s ability to swiftly mobilise specialist transport in the region enabled them to overcome the route’s challenges. They were also able to reduce costs as the ADDrive system ensured ALE could complete the project more efficiently.

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