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ALE crowned as ‘excellent employer’ in national transport awards

ALE crowned as ‘excellent employer’ in national transport awards

A recent pilot programme in ALE’s Breda branch for sustainable sustainability has enabled them to achieve the ‘Excellent Employer’ award from STL, the national institute in the Netherlands that encourages sustainable employability in the transport and logistics sector.

ALE received the exemplary accreditation due to the enormous uptake they have achieved with the new programme within the company. The human resources programme, which started in September 2018, is focused on supporting people to stay in work and develop with the company. This involves managers undertaking a professional coaching course online to get the best out of their employees and encourage conversations with their teams about their future careers. In addition, employees have access to different wellbeing courses to optimise their lifestyle.

Christine Kwantes, who looks after Human Resources in ALE’s Breda branch, explained:

“It is the first time the STL (Sectorinstituut Transport en Logistiek) have run such awards, so it is an honour to be the first company to be awarded. Our people are at the heart of the business. Since we started our pilot programme, we noticed a 90% uptake within just two months – which is fantastic – and demonstrates the importance we place on developing our people and expertise for the long-term growth of the company.”


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